car seat mistakes

Common Car Seat Setup Mistakes

Sometimes even very experienced parents or caretakers can make mistakes in car seat setup. It’s important to double-check and remain ever-vigilant as the child grows that the car seat is always fitted properly to their bodies. Here we outline the most common mistakes made by parents in their daily car seat usage with their children.


Electric Vehicle Case Study: Tesla Model Y

Electric cars are all the rage currently, and with the amount they save on fuel and the benefit to the environment, it’s easy to see why! We often post articles considering the future of the electric vehicle, and where the market is headed. This is also why we are paying so much attention to Tesla....

electric car

How It Works: Electric Car

An electric vehicle produces less than 50 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions that a fossil fuel-powered car does. So if you want to save the planet, and save money on gas, buy an electric car.