cooled seats

The Benefits of Cooled Seats in Cars

How nice is it to have a heated seat when the weather outside is cold? Phoenix and Tucson residents (and those living in other desert cities) have a different question: how nice is it to have a cooled seat when the weather is hot outside?

Summer Road Trip Destinations in the Covid Era: Part 2

If you feel the itch to get away in the coronavirus era, a road trip might be your safest option. In the first part of this content, we explored the destinations you might consider if you stay in Arizona.

Top 5 Driving Apps in 2020

With the rise of automation and the ability to speak voice commands to your phone while driving (so that you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road), we wanted to break down some of the best driving apps that are safe and helpful to use while driving.