10 Road Trip Travel Hacks

LifeStyle, Travel on July 26, 2016

Road trips can be both beautiful and stressful. There are many things to keep track of and longer trips can create logistical challenges to keep everything organized in a moving car.

We’ve tracked down some of the best ideas to help you the next time you take a vacation by car. Call them tips, hacks or just a pretty good idea, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how well they can work for you!

  1. Turn a plastic cereal container into a trash can for your car
    Line it with a small plastic bag to be used to gather the trash. Here are some examples: Plastic cereal containers 
  2. Take cell phone screen saves of maps and directions.
    Save the phone battery and possible charges in your data by taking a picture of where you’re headed. Then you won’t drain your battery quickly on long road trips.
  3. Consider a solar window charger.  
    Speaking of dead phone batteries, you can actually use the sun to charge your battery. We found these solar chargers which stick to the window and use a solar charge.
  4. 5-port car charger.
    If solar isn’t your thing, you can try out this charger which can ‘juice up’ 5 phones at once. Gone are the days of bickering over who can charge their cellphone. Check the multi-plug chargers here.
  5. Use the dash without things sliding.
    Sometimes you simply don’t feel like there is enough room for all the little things that accumulate during a road trip. We found Sticky Pads which can be put on a dashboard, so you can place your phone or other small items without fear of them falling and sliding.
  6. Plastic suction shower caddy = Personal Organization.
    Pick up a small shower organizer with suctions on it and adhere it to the windows of all your passengers. It’s a great place to store phones, ear buds, small toys, snacks and gum. Something like this would work great: Plastic suction caddy and here’s another option.
  7. Buy a larger shower caddy with a handle and use it to hold your fast food.
    If everyone has a small caddy, once you take the burgers and meals out of the bag, they can place the food in their personal caddy to keep it from falling all over the seats. When you’re done eating, throw the trash in the plastic cereal container. Here’s an inexpensive option: Shower caddy
  8. Create a car sick bag
    In a gallon Ziploc bag put: travel size Clorox wipes, small bottle of water, small bottle of Gatorade, hand sanitizer, motion sickness pills, saltines, a grocery bag, a larger folded trash bag, and a handful of folded paper towels. If someone gets sick in the car, you’re ready to handle it!
  9. Emergency contacts on your cell phone lock screen.
    Change your phone’s lock screen to an image of your emergency contact’s name, number and email address. If you lose your phone or have a medical emergency, the person who finds your phone will be able to contact you or someone you know.
  10. Use dryer sheets to air out the car.
    If your car needs a ‘breath of fresh air’, let the dryer sheets do the work. Stick them slightly into the vents or simply keep an open box in the car. You’ll be surprised how fresh your car can stay smelling!

There are so many ways to make your road trip one to enjoy and remember. Above all, be safe driving and make sure to take care of the maintenance before you set out to travel the highways.