3 Fluids to Keep Your Car Running

Auto Repair, Safety on June 7, 2016

Whether it’s your body or your car, fluids keep you in good shape. Regarding your car, there are three main fluids to really keep an eye on with your trusted mechanic.   These fluids help your brakes and engine tremendously. Here’s an overview of the top three fluids to keep your car in good shape:

Brake Fluid
A key component to safe braking is proper brake fluid. If your car is low on brake fluid, not only will the performance of your car be compromised, your safety can too. Hydraulic braking systems use fluid to perform, so keep this in mind when you schedule maintenance.

Motor Oil
If there is one fluid that trumps them all, motor oil is it. It is perhaps the most important fluid to keep your engine running. It’s used to lubricate your engine when its running, helps keep the parts moving in it and keeps your car running longer. The two things to keep in mind are levels and frequency. You want to make sure you always have enough oil and you change it as often as your manufacturer recommends.

Antifreeze is another vital car fluid which is mixed with water and added to your car’s cooling system.  Antifreeze is able to prevent your engine from freezing up during very cold weather. To maintain the performance of your car, you should be sure to check your antifreeze levels regularly.

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