5 Car Care Apps for Drivers

You probably spend far more time traveling in your car than you really want to. But, with busy lives and people on the go, it’s a necessary evil. We tracked down 5 popular Apps that help keep you on top of everything you need to know and do for your car.

This 99-cent app will help you track your fuel usage and determine which of your cars is the biggest gas-guzzler. It also works to see if your hybrid is saving you money.

GasBuddy Free
This free app helps you locate the cheapest gas near you and report gas prices to other drivers. You also get the chance to win $100 free in daily gas.

Auto Care Free
This app helps track your car’s service and gas fill-ups. It also helps remind you when you are due for service and keep track of your maintenance history. This app will cost you $5.99

This $5.99 app featured in NY Times, LA Times and other national publications, measures your vehicle’s power and fuel usage to show you how efficiently you are driving your car.

Speedometer Free Speed Box
This is a free app that is a speedometer, compass and odometer for your iPhone. It also tracks your speed and distance for you. It’s free, but there is also a version for $3.99 with a few more features.

We don’t know exactly how well these apps will work for your particular make or model, but for those who like to try out new apps and also keep close tabs on their car, there might be a match in one of these for you.

Regardless, GarageFly’s mission is to help you find a shop to help you in all areas of your car care. To find the closest shop to you in 10 seconds, visit our website.