Arizona Driver Safety Programs

Safety on February 27, 2018

According to the latest statistics available with the Arizona Department of Transportation, a total of 952 people were killed in car crashes in 2016. Out of them, 100 drivers were 24 years of age or younger; 30 were drunk drivers of ages 24 years or younger. These are senseless deaths and they ended lives needlessly. Incidents like this can be brought down significantly by using the driver safety programs that are already in place.

Perhaps this is in part due to an information gap that is limiting the efficacy of such programs – more drivers need to be aware of driver safety programs that are targeted to help with driver safety in teens and young adults. Here are the various options available to young drivers who wish to improve their skills and make the roads safer.

Driver Education Program

This is the beginner program that teaches new drivers the basics of driving, as well as the state laws governing it. The curriculum for the program includes 30 hours of classroom sessions as well as 6 hours of actual training behind the wheel. For the latter, the driving students should be accompanied by a certified instructor. This certified instructor can be the student’s parent who has a driving license. The program also includes tips on defensive driving and preventing hazardous situations.

Arizona Transport Department has made it possible for the applicants to enroll in the program in a professional driving school or through a High School Driver Education Program.

AZ Defensive Driving Course

This course is available to drivers both from Arizona and from out of state. They can take this test if they have flouted traffic rules while in the State. Drivers can take this course to get their traffic ticket dismissed, to prevent the addition of points on their driving record, and also to avoid a hike in their insurance rates.

This course can be taken either in a classroom or online. It covers topics related to defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, traffic violations, and of course, safe driving habits. The duration of the course is about 4 to 4.5 hours and at the end of it, the students receive a certificate of completion. This document is admissible in the court and can be produced in insurance claims as well.

Arizona Traffic Survival Course

This is the next level of corrective driving schools. This program is meant for the drivers who have gained considerable points on their driving record or are responsible for a serious violation of Arizona traffic rules. You are required to take this course if you have a moving violation on your record and are younger than 18 years of age.

Drivers take this course in order to avoid a suspension of their license. Often, traffic survival course is mandated by the court in the sentence for the driver’s offence. The courseware is all about safe driving aimed towards young drivers at risk or serious violators of traffic laws.

The course includes re-learning the traffic laws and defensive driving techniques. The objective of the course is also to teach you the importance of responsible driving, better on-road etiquette like road sharing, and more.

Failure to complete this course can very well result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

In Summary

So many of us drive every single day, to the point that it becomes more of a habit than a conscious activity – how many times have you gotten somewhere and barely remember most of your drive? We call it autopilot, but we tend to just let our attention wander while driving. It is very important to remember that driving is both a skill and a privilege, and it’s important to always be aware and alert.