Choosing the Right Type of Vehicle to Buy

LifeStyle on November 6, 2018

There are so many great models on the market, so many amazing new designs, gadgets and technologies. It’s really hard to know where to start when choosing the right type of vehicle to buy. Here’s a practical step-by-step approach to picking the best car for you and your family.

Step #1: What’s Your Personality Like?

Lifestyle factors are very important when choosing the right vehicle for yourself.  What’s your style? How are you really like as a person?

Just by looking at someone’s car, you can tell what sort of a person they are, what they are passionate about, where they work and even their political affiliations! Your car is nothing but an extension of your personality.

So who are you?

  • Are you a “soccer mom”? In that case, safety would be your #1 concern. After that, comfort and convenience. Go for a minivan or crossover SUV.
  • Are you a Millennial and concerned about the environment? Okay, go for a hybrid car or green car.
  • Are you an entrepreneur or interested in finance and investments? Maybe you’re looking for something exciting, like a sports car.
  • Are you the outdoors type? Do you enjoy hiking, camping and going on road trips? Go for an off-road vehicle.

Step #2: What Type of Vehicle Do You Need? Can You Afford It?

We can’t always get the type of car we want. What do you really need? Consider your lifestyle, and how the car fits into that. Then it’s a question of what you can afford and can’t afford.  Be honest with yourself. You want a sports car, but can you really afford it?

Perhaps you’d be better off buying a subcompact SUV, which gives you a decent fuel mileage. It’s also important to consider the cost of repairs and long term maintenance, as well as different insurance rates depending on type of vehicle.

Step #3: What’s Your Family Like?

Family matters! You’re buying the car not only for yourself, but also for your family.

Do you, for example, have a family, or are you are single? Do you have dogs, or elderly family members you need to transport, or children going to sporting events?

If you have a big family with two or three kids, go for a spacious mid-size SUV. You can switch to a bigger SUV as they get older. If you’re single – or wealthy – why not go for a sports car? That will get you a lot of attention if that’s what you’re looking for!

Do you have your parents staying with you? Then opt for a minivan. Did you get married recently? Then go for a stylish mid-size sedan. 

Step #4: Where Do You Live?

In Arizona, pick-up trucks are hugely popular, moreso than other states. We are a sparsely populated state, where summers are hot, winters are warm and heavy snow is uncommon (unless you’re up north for the weekend!). So we like vehicles that are sturdy and practical.

What if you want something more family friendly? If you live in a more urban area of the state, like  Phoenix, then you might as well opt for a sedan such as Camry, Civic and Corolla. They are just right for your daily commuting needs with considerably better gas mileage than a pickup truck.

These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing the right car. Ultimately, you should do your own research and buy a car that suits your requirements and matches your budgetary constraints.