Do-It-Yourself Car Wash Tricks

How-To on July 3, 2019

We all love the feeling of having a car that looks sparkling clean. Washing your car at home helps you save money, and can be very rewarding. There are car wash tools that can be used to achieve excellent results; with these tools, you can start and finish washing your car in no time.

Check out these tips below on DIY car washing!

The best cleaning cloth for a car wash

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your car after washing, you may be using the wrong cleaning cloth. Buy a microfiber cleaning cloth for the interior parts of your car. The exterior parts should be cleaned with a piece of cloth made from cotton.

Clean the interior parts of the car first so they have time to dry

If you are going to be shampooing or deep cleaning any of the interior parts of your vehicle, do this first so they have the most time to dry! Remove floor mats if they will be cleaned so they can air-dry outside. Also, don’t forget to clean your seatbelts as well.

Use a wheel brush

Don’t ignore difficult to reach parts of your wheel during a car wash. The dirt can accumulate and ruin the wheels over time. With a wheel brush, you can remove dirt from every crevice in the wheels.

Wax your car

After washing cars, some people tend to overlook the need to wax the exterior parts of the car because it already looks clean. By waxing your car, you are adding an extra layer over the coat which serves as a protection from the intense heat from the sun. Waxing your car can preserve the brilliant appearance of the car paint, preventing the color from fading.

Get rid of tough stains easily

There are some products in your home that can be used to remove tough stains on the windshield and car wheels. For example, cola drinks can dissolve tough stains on windshields. Soak a piece of cotton cloth with some cola drink and wipe the stain away, rinse with clean water to remove all traces of the drink. Hardened soot on car wheels and parts nearby can be removed with mayonnaise. Apply some mayonnaise over the soot, wait for about ten minutes, and wipe clean.

Use a pressure hose

With a pressure hose, you can easily get the dirt off your tires and the inner parts of the wheel area. Pressure hoses can be adjusted to spray water at a high or low pressure. With this feature, you can dislodge dirt from all parts of the wheels, the tires and beneath the car.

In conclusion, there are so many car wash products out there; please try to always read the label and instructions. And use these products as instructed by the manufacturers to get the best results, and have fun!