Going Green Behind the Wheel

It’s not just earth day when some people think greener. For some, a more earth conscience approach to transportation is more… a state of mind.   Sure, you can drive an electric car, plug in and go.   But, there are also ways to be kinder to the environment and still stay behind the wheel of the car you currently drive.

Here are 3 simple ways to Drive Greener:

  1. Fill ‘er up with a plan:  When we have hotter months in Arizona, try to refuel during the coolest time of day.   Not only will this keep you from sweating at the pump, but it also cuts down on the amount of evaporative emissions.   That’s important because smog forms during the heat of the day when the emissions are at their peak. And don’t top off the tank. When the shut-off kicks in…call it good!
  1. Plan your day and your drive:  The fewer miles you drive, obviously the fewer emissions that can potentially harm the earth. Consider carpooling, when possible. And when its not, plan your errands to maximize the miles you drive.
  1. Maintain your car well:  Cars that don’t run well pollute the plant more. Additionally, a properly maintained car has a longer life. Engine issues to keep tabs on to drive greener and keep more ‘green’back in your wallet include transmission fluids, oil, and belts, just to name a few.

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