Keeping It Cool With Your Car AC

How-To, Trending Automotive News on July 19, 2016

Our summer heat arrived later than usual this year in Arizona. The result? Cool mornings and evening and tolerable afternoons. Just maybe you still had your windows open at the end of May. But, the extreme head is headed our way. Hot, sweaty summer months when your car turns into a mobile oven and everyone chimes in declaring, ‘it’s a dry heat’. Dry or not, keeping your car’s a/c running well in the sweltering summer requires a bit more attention in our extreme heat.

Here are 3 tips to keep cool in your car.

  1. Refrigerant is the main factor to keeping you’re a/c blowing cool air. Like other parts of your car, the A/C can get old and ‘wear out’. A repair expert can replace refrigerant and many times this will correct the problem of air blowing out cool, instead of cold.
  1. Maximize the cold air you’re A/C turns out by using the “fresh air/outside air” setting. This brings the outside air in and the A/C system cools the dry heat. If it’s monsoon in Arizona use your “recirculate” setting. In this case your car will reuse existing air instead of bringing in more humid air.
  1. If you get to the point of hot air blowing out you might have a more significant problem with your compressor. That’s the main element in your car’s A/C system. This can be checked by a GarageFly repair expert. Find one here.

If you’re having trouble staying cool behind the wheel, don’t wait until the boiling point. Try the tips & tricks above, or give us a call today.