Tesla Factory in China

Tesla Factory in China is First for the Automaker Abroad

The first Model 3 sedan deliveries from Shanghai are coming to Chinese streets in 2020. Not only is the Tesla factory in China one of the fastest built of its size in history, but it also provides impressive production capabilities even with the quick turnaround.

Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

The most recent snowfall of significance in the Phoenix metro area was 1998. A December storm caused the white stuff to cover about half of the northwest valley.

hack a vehicle

Is It Possible to Hack a Vehicle?

Most people have a significant amount of their lives documented online. The Internet gives us a way to connect with friends, start businesses, and make purchases. It also has allowed hackers to gain control of your devices. As automobiles rely more on computers than ever before, it has become possible through computers to hack a...

Cold-Weather Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Phoenix might have a reputation for being one of the hottest spots in the United States, but it can get pretty cold here sometimes! Every winter, your vehicle could encounter mechanical issues because of the changing temperatures. Check out these cold-weather maintenance tips to prepare your vehicle for the winter.