warm up the car

Why You Don’t Have To “Warm Up” Modern Vehicles in Cold Weather

Remember how your parents used to warm up the car every morning during winter when you were a kid? You don’t need to do that anymore – modern cars don’t need to be warmed up in cold weather. Outside of the practical purpose of warming the car up to get the heat working for your...

Top Vehicle Recalls of the Year

Here’s something every car owner should pay attention to – an updated list of top vehicle recalls 2019. Read on and find out if there is an active recall on your vehicle.

Photo Radar Ticketing in Arizona

Photo radar tickets – what are your thoughts on them? Well, most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about speed cameras or photo enforcement cameras so long as we follow traffic rules and stay within the speed limits.

Extended Warranty – Is It Worth It?

Have you considered taking out an extended warranty on your car? Some people appreciate the peace of mind of an extended warranty gives them, while some see it as an unnecessary expense. There are pros and cons to paying in slowly over time so that you don’t have to not worry about the unexpected big...