2007-02-20 00:00:00 – Dee Niemoller

on February 20, 2007

Michael and staff are the Best! Their care and compassion for the customer is just as important as quality of work. I was hit from behind at a dead stop, the driver that hit me was traveling approx. 45 miles per hour. Not only was the back of my PT “Stella” severly damaged, the front end was damaged from being pushed 4-5 feet into the stopped car in front of me. Stella was 6 mos. old at the time with approx 3,000 miles. I was devasted. Michael invited me to visit to see progress with the repairs along the way! The repair inspector from the lawyers office report indicated that the car was repaired to manufacturers standards, any and all replacement parts were welded as if the car had just come from Chrysler. They did not take any “short cuts” to make “cosmetic” repairs and fought the insurance company every step of the way to insure my satisfaction. Michael and staff truly want the customer to be satisfied and take great pride making it happen. I have since referred clients to the shop, all of whom are happy! Thank you Michael & all!