2016-02-02 09:22:55 – Cathy Hendrickson

on February 2, 2016

If you want reliable, dependable service and made to feel as if you are the only client the company has, then this is the shop for you!! I found this shop on Garage Fly 3 years ago and I have NEVER used anyone else since! I have two older vehicles, which need constant care. Other shops would make me feel like a second class citizen because of the age of my trucks. Not SSC! They get it, and more importantly, they get me. Not only do I get sound advice every single time I bring a vehicle in, they provide customer service above and beyond anything I have ever experienced at a repair shop. They are understanding, compassionate, and kind – always willing to help me come up with a plan to keep me on the road. Their prices are competitive and well worth the excellent work that they provide. I have never had any issues with any work that I have ever had done at this shop!! The auto repair industry is full of less than credible people who only see dollar bills when they look at you. If you want to be treated like royalty, to have a stress-free repair experience, and get no “surprises” when getting your bill, then this is the place to go!! Thanks SSC for making my life so much easier!!