2018-07-23 23:31:25 – JOE BAVARO

on July 23, 2018

After physically going to 6 transmission shops that friends had recommended, I stop at 1 Stop Automotive on south Craycroft. I had played golf about 6 weeks prior and the fourth golfer assigned to us was a guy name Matt. After awhile, I asked him what he did and he said he ran an automotive shop. He gave me a business card. 6 weeks later my ford developed some fatal flaws. He remembered me and within 10 minutes he gave me a computer driven estimate of the total rebuild. None of the other shops I had visited did this for me. All they could do was give me range of what it might cost. I went with 1 Stop Automotive and picked up my repaired vehicle for the quoted price. Actually, it was a few bucks less. Go figure? My first experience with 1 Stop was as pleasant as could be. Hopefully, you’ll get the same treatment.