Smart Phones Making Cars Smarter

Smart phones don’t usually make you smarter. (Though we’d like to think they can!) But, with some new technology released recently, they can make your car run a little ‘smarter’ now.

Telematics continues to be a front burner issue for car manufacturers and insurance companies.  Yet drivers with older cars or those made by the guys not in the connected car game yet, there hasn’t been an option….until now.

Verizon Telematics, has announced a telematics option, called Hum and by all accounts it’s anything but ‘ho-hum’ for people wanting a bit of telematics peace of mind.

You’re wondering how it works?… yeah, we were too!  Drivers will use a small reader that is plugged into the car’s onboard diagnostic port and use Bluetooth technology, a smartphone app and a monthly subscription to monitor the vehicle, call for help and manage the car’s maintenance.

Makers of the mini-device believe this is a way to prevent breakdowns by tuning into the car’s potential problems before you’re left stranded. But, we still believe the best insurance policy is a trusted GarageFly mechanic who can keep your car running smoothly. Click here to read reviews and find a conveniently located body or repair shop.

To learn more about how this works, specific features and how much it will cost click here.

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