Summer Car Preparation Tips to Get Ready for Heat

LifeStyle on April 2, 2020

Summer is coming, and it’s the perfect time to give your vehicle a checkup! In this article, we explore some summer car preparation tips that are especially important to observe in Arizona.

Tip #1: Check Your Tires

Look for worn tread and evaluate your PSI levels. If your wheels don’t have the proper air pressure, it can decrease your handling abilities.

Look for uneven wear, visible bars, and wires sticking out. If you have any questions about the safety of your tires, then check-in with your trusted mechanic for a complete evaluation.

Tip #2: Check Your Oil

The color of your oil will let you know if a change is necessary. It should be a nice shade of amber instead of dark and icky. Regular oil will last for up to 5,000 miles, while synthetics can reach about 7,000 miles. You’ll want to follow the guidelines found in your owner’s manual.

If the oil levels are low and the color is still amber, then topping it off for summer driving should be fine.

Tip #3: Check Your Battery

Most drivers check their batteries in winter because they want to ensure the cold-cranking amps will work. You must also take a look at it in the summer to see if any fluid leaks that could impact its performance.

If you have a sealed battery in your vehicle, then you can essentially skip this tip.

Tip #4: Check the Little Things

Summer is the best time of year to take care of those small repairs that can accumulate on you. It can be helpful to have your mechanic give your car a thorough inspection to see if any potential problems are lurking. It’s always cheaper to catch things early than to repair them reactively.

Tip #5: Check Your Wipers

Rubber products have different formulations that accommodate the weather patterns in each season. Windshield wipers meant for warm weather tend to have more flexibility, but less durability than their winter counterparts. Making the switch will guarantee better visibility on your next road trip!

Your car is ready to enjoy some hot summer days with you behind the wheel. When you take the time to prepare your vehicle for that experience, then you’re more likely to have a safe experience.