Having Tinted Windows in Arizona

LifeStyle on June 12, 2018

In Arizona, we have one of the hottest climates in the country. It makes sense then that a lot of car owners would like their car windows to be tinted. Is it a good idea to get tinted windows? What does Arizona state law have to say about it? Let’s find out!

 First of all, why tint your windows? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. Tinted windows can help block some of the sun’s glare.

We all know how strong of a glare the sun can cause for drivers, especially at sunrise and sunset.  It can be dangerous when your vision is impaired. Window tinting helps block or reduce some of the glare so that you can drive more safely.

  1. Causes less glass breakage in case of accident.

Believe it or not, adding an extra coating of a window tint film actually fortifies the window glass so that it does not break as easily in case of accident. It strengthens the glass and ensures that the shards don’t come off easily.

  1. It protects the interiors of the car from harsh UV light.

Window tinting blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating through the car windows and windshield and damaging the interior of the car and the upholstery. It protects the seats, dashboard and the steering wheel from damage. Let’s not forget that it protects the people in the car from UV rays too!

  1. It helps conceal anything valuable in the car.

It’s very difficult – in fact, nearly impossible – for someone outside to looking inside and find out what’s in the car when the windows are tinted (depending on the degree of tinting of course). Tinted windows offer protection from prying eyes, and are a must if you ever store anything valuable in your car, or worry about break-ins!

  1. It makes your car look great!

One of the biggest reasons why some people opt for tinted windows is that it can make your car look better! This may be a matter of personal taste, and protection from the sun is one of the reasons this is done more in Arizona than other states, but having a more aesthetically-pleasing vehicle is definitely an added bonus!

Window Tinting Laws in Arizona

Secondly, it is perfectly legal to tint windows of cars in Arizona. But there are laws that dictate the placement and the amount of tinting you can do.

Window tinting laws vary from state to state. In Arizona, tinted windows are permitted; but the darkness of the tint is strictly regulated. This is measured in terms of Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%) – the percentage of light that is allowed through the window glass and film.

For front side windows, the VLT% has to be 33%. For back side windows and rear windows, the tint can be as dark as you like and for windshields, only non-reflective tints are permitted. Also, the front side and back side windows cannot have a tint that is more than 35% reflective.

Moreover, Arizona State allows medical exemptions for specific types of tint in exceptional cases. You can read more about the window tinting exemptions here on the official website of the Arizona DOT.