Tip For Parents With Teenage Drivers

LifeStyle, Safety on May 31, 2016

Maybe it’s been too long to remember what it’s like to get your drivers license. Yet, for parents of teenage drivers those memories come flooding back when their newbie driver starts asking for the keys. You can leave the lessons to the driving courses and instructors, but most parents know, some lessons have to come from them before their child is let loose on the road.

There is so much information to consider for parents of teenagers. Here is a list of 7, often overlooked, topics to consider talking to your young driver about.

  1. Talk about what to do if your car overheats while driving.
    Pull over immediately, if you can. If not, turn on the heater to high to help cool the car.
  1. Teach them the proper distance to avoid tailgating.
    Leave at least a car length in front of your vehicle.  If you can’t see the tires of the car in front of you, you are too close.
  1. Talk about a safety buffer.
    When the light turns green, be sure to look both ways and give a few seconds before entering the intersection. This is the best way to avoid people who run red lights.
  1. Talk to your teens about accidents.
  • What to do if you’re in an accident.
  • What to do if you see an accident.
  • Show them where the insurance paperwork is.
  1. Remind them about safe lane changing.
    Always make sure you see BOTH of the driver’s headlights in your center rear view mirror before you get in front of them – this confirms you are not cutting them off
  1. No cellphone zone.
    Consider two rules: 1: The phone is out of reach while driving. 2: If they absolutely need to use their phone, they must safely pull over.
  1. Talk to your teen about how to respond to being pulled over:
    Explain that they don’t need to panic and remind them to put on their blinker so the officer knows they are aware he/she is behind them. Explain the safe areas to pull over and let them know to stay in the car until the officer approaches. And, always be respectful!