Tips For Finding a Good Mechanic

It’s never convenient. Ever. When your car breaks down there’s a dreaded shuffle to keep life moving. But, with the proper prep, it doesn’t have to leave you stranded and scrambling.  A little advance work now can help you eliminate some of the immediate stress later.

Here are 6 recommendations from GarageFly shops, to help you find a trusted mechanic.

  1. Check online reviews. Reviews offer an insider’s opinion of their experience. But, keep in mind not all reviews sites can be trusted. Validated reviews that confirm the review is based on an actual repair give you a reasonable opinion. Also, look for an overall impression of the experiences and their confidence in the team and their service over the driver specific.
  2. Consider various automotive certifications. Many good auto mechanics will be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified. What this means a consumer is they have certification indicating what areas he is proficient in.   But, use your intuition. A shop could not have certification but still have decades or generations of automotive experience. This is when when reviews can support the good work and offer peace of mind.
  3. Balance price and convenience.  Any mechanic should work honestly, effectively, efficiently and avoid big surprises on cost or time. Going to bigger shop alone doesn’t guarantee anything and by the same token, a smaller scale shop doesn’t mean inferior service.
  4. Test the relationship first.  Before you’re in a need of major repair, test the relationship by taking your car in for an oil chance to see how you like the shop, its employees and your overall experience.
  5. Ask about warranties.  Warranties can vary between shops. Do your due diligence and ask this question in advance of the work. Know what you’re agreeing to, to ensure your best chance at satisfaction.