Tips for Off-Roading in Arizona

Safety, Travel on July 24, 2018

Have You Ever Tried Off-Roading in Arizona?

The hiking trails in Northern Arizona are a lot of fun. It’s one of the cooler places to go for a weekend road trip in the summer. To get to some of our more fun hikes it is often required to drive on dirt roads or go down paths that would be considered “off-roading.”

Here, we want to discuss the safety aspect of off-roading and give you some basic tips for driving on a different, bumpier surface. Read on!

Tips for Off-Roading in Arizona

Tip #1: Get the vehicle serviced at an auto shop first.
Before you go on your off-road trip, make sure to get your vehicle serviced at a local Arizona garage shop. This is very important. The car mechanic will check the engine oil and replace it if needed. He will check the radiator levels and the coolant levels for the engine.

Also, the mechanic will check for other things such as the brake fluids and windshield washer fluids, which are very important for the off-road trip. He will also make sure that your tires are great shape.

The mechanic checks the seatbelts and restraints, anchor points and ratchet straps for holding the cargo. Finally, he checks the headlights and taillights and makes sure that they are ready for the road trip.

Tip #2: Study the Trail.
You should try to do more than just some quick research on Google on the trail. This means talking to someone who knows the trail and asking them about the obstacles you may face during your trip beforehand, if you have that opportunity. If you do not know anyone who has already been there, be sure to consult multiple sources in your research and be thorough. You should also let friends or family members know where you will be, and when you will be back, before you go, so that they know when you expect you and will know right away if you have any problems where you are.

Tip #3: Carry These Essentials for Off-Roading

  • Two Spare Tires
  • Full Gas Tank and Extra Fuel
  • First Aid Kit
  • Navigation System
  • Tow Rope
  • Shovel
  • High Lift Jack
  • Two Way Communication Radio
  • Fire Extinguisher


#4: Be Flexible.
Remember: Things never stay the same during an off-road trip. There could be a sudden change in weather, for example. You find out at the very last minute that one of the routes you’ve studied so closely before the trip has been closed by the authorities for some reason. That’s why it is important to be flexible in such situations. You should always have a Plan B, Plan C or even a Plan D.

#5: Always Have a Co-Pilot with You.
You should never take a trip like this alone. Always have a co-pilot that you can depend on. Ideally, he or she should be an experienced driver and should be someone you can depend on in an emergency. The co-pilot’s job is to be your spotter, navigator, replacement driver (if needed) and helper, so that you can focus 100% on the road.

Arizona has some awesome trails to offer and can be a great summer escape! Just be sure to prepare yourself beforehand so that you have a fun, safe trip.