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Uncategorized on October 4, 2016

Making a decision about where to go to dinner, what movie to see, or even where to take your car are no longer a shot in the dark. All one has to do is log into Facebook or Twitter to see what their close friends and family suggest. Or if you’re looking for an opinion outside of your inner circle, review platforms such as Yelp and Amazon allow you to tap into thoughts and opinions of complete strangers.

While the positives of these review platforms are obvious, the authenticity of those reviews aren’t as clear cut. For example, many small businesses claim that when they turned down advertising options with Yelp, their page was flooded with negative reviews, hiding their previous positive reviews. On the flip side, businesses who do take advantage of Yelp advertising suddenly have positive reviews front and center. In both cases, it is the consumers who suffer most.

At GarageFly, it is our goal to connect customers with a local shop that best suits them. In order to meet that need, we do reviews a little differently:

1. Honest and accessible reviews for our shops and their customers

GarageFly shop partners don’t have the opportunity to pay for review moderation. Instead, we work with our shops to encourage customers to leave reviews! Once validated, and regardless of whether the review is positive or negative, every review is posted to the specific shop page on our website.

We also make reviewing easy for our customers. No need to remember login information, or pay to access our reviews. All we need is a first name, last name, email address, and information about your shop visit. It’s as easy as that!

2. Real people with real experiences writing real reviews

The issue that many brands and individuals run into on other review platforms is legitimacy. How can a visitor be certain that the individuals reviewing a restaurant or business actually went there and received service? No receipt is required, so any individual with a bone to pick can take a seat behind their computer and begin typing.

At GarageFly, we work with both the shop and the customer to ensure work was done. The customer provides us with the shop they visited and the services received. Once we’ve collected that information, we connect with our shop owners to verify the work done through a repair order (RO). Once validated, it’s live on our site.

3. Real-time responses from the shops you worked with

Since GarageFly works with shops to validate each review, the shop is notified whenever a customer is left dissatisfied or with a question about their repair. We’re able to reach back out to the customer to provide answers, peace of mind, or request that they revisit the shop if needed. While many reviews go unanswered or ignored on bigger review sites, GarageFly adds a personal touch by connecting customers to shop owners.

Relying on online reviews can be extremely helpful. However, one must be careful where they choose to seek out advice. GarageFly is dedicated to providing customers with honest information and the best service possible.

Visit to check out our shops, or to easily book an appointment! Consider us the most trustworthy resource for auto body and auto repair shops online.