Truth in Online Reviews

Online reviews are critical piece of the consumer puzzle. At the core of it is an unspoken interest in the truth of another’s experience.   General assumptions are made by consumers that the review they are reading is based on a personal knowledge…an authentic road testing of the product or service. You could call it a consumer mindset of the Golden Rule.

But, with emerging news that thousands of Amazon reviews were found to be fake, some consumers are questioning the online review process and left wondering if it’s wise to consider buyer feedback before making your final decision.

Read more about Fake Reviews on Amazon here.

At GarageFly, we have always understood the need for truth in the process and strategically developed our business model around ’real reviews by real people’ that have done business with a GarageFly shop. There are other popular review sites that don’t have those practices in place. As such, they are able to generate a great deal of reviews in a short period of time with no proof that the review is ‘legit’.

As a consumer you can have confidence in this:

Every single review you see on has an actual repair order to coincide with it.

We verify reviews with shops to ensure the customers posting reviews have had an actual experience to report on. Furthermore, if there are ever any areas of dissatisfaction with your experience, we help in bridge the gaps of communication between you and the shops to help everyone have a positive experience to walk away with.

How can we do this?

It’s easy. We’re local. Because we’re local, we are able to build on relationships with our Garagefly shops and reviewers. That’s all there is to it.