Want to check your car to see if there are any open recalls?

How-To, Safety on October 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered if there were any open recalls for your car that you just didn’t know about? Read on to learn more about manufacturer recalls, and where you can check your vehicle, just in case!

Automobile manufacturers are always as thorough as possible in testing their products to ensure safety and efficiency. Our cars today are very well designed to help prevent accidents and to keep us safe when accidents do occur. Sometimes, however, during the building process, defective components and improper manufacturing practices can make their way into our supply chain, leaving vehicle owners at risk for mechanical malfunction which can result in either costly repairs, or worse, dangerous accidents.

Obviously no one wants these things to happen! But when they do and are discovered by the manufacturer, recalls are issued so as to help remove the potential danger on all models with the error. When a manufacturer or an automaker receives repeated reports of issues on a particular vehicle, the company will conduct a thorough investigation and examination of the design and building process of the vehicle to determine the cause of the problem. When internal investigations are done, the manufacturer puts a plan into place to notify all known owners of the vehicle in question, and do their best to repair all faulty parts at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Many people learn about their automobile’s recall from a news story or an article on the internet. Oftentimes the owner will also receive a letter in the mail notifying them– manufacturer’s always make every effort to contact the owner to avoid any potential lawsuits due to unresolved mechanical issues. If you heard about a recall on the news, but haven’t received a letter from your specific manufacturer, you should consider contacting your local dealership for specifics. Be prepared to provide your VIN number to see if your vehicle has been recalled.

Now what happens if you’ve never been notified of a recall, or seen a recent story, but just want to be safe and make sure your vehicle is up-to-date? Well, luckily for you a website exists to check for recalls. Visit nhtsa.gov/recalls to see if there are any open, unresolved recalls for your vehicle. It only takes a few minutes to enter your VIN and check, and is well worth the time spent to make sure you’re driving the safest car possible!

Not responding to a recall notification reduces your legal stance if an accident does occur. If you are involved in an accident due to faulty equipment after having received notification of a recall, your ability to recover compensation for your damages will be greatly reduced. The liability in these cases can’t fall on the manufacturer of the vehicle if indeed you received proper notice of a potential issue. To avoid such trouble and to give yourself the best chance for recovery in the event of an accident, take your vehicle to the closest dealers and get it repaired as soon as your recall notice arrives. One step better would be to proactively check your vehicle yourself! We recommend that you always keep your vehicle up-to-date on all repairs as best you can.